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Patron saint of mental health

Hello everyone. I hope that you all have a wondereal and blessed day. I am aware that not everyone is religious on here, but something that I have been doing is praying to St. Dymphna, the patron saint of mental illness. I spend about 5 - 10 minutes in prayer daily and it really has been helping. Even if you haven't been religious, God will still listen to you. I pray for this entire community. It's good to have this support to realize you are NOT alone.

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Prayer is needed and I welcome your prayers. I pray for each person on this group as well. Don't know anyone on this forum by name but know that my prayers are for healing to all.

God bless


good for you Katie :) Without my spiritual faith I would not be able to make it through the events in my life so well recently I needed calming when I went to a medical appt with my daughter.. I took with me 2 crystals associated to Archangel Michael who I pray to a lot for strength and I had them in my cardigan pockets and gently run my hand over them when I started to feel nervous and they helped me a lot.. if it helps you go for it :) I had not heard of this saint I will look her up :) Thank you xx

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Brilliant Katie're on a winner with St Dymphna. (That rhymes too :) )

I pray to St Anthony ...yes...I knw we ought pray to him when we are searching for something but, for some reason, St Anthony seems to work.

Have not been on this site for 3 years.

Have a good day. :)


Yes, both are very good!


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