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Tired of anxiety yet I can't help it?

Basically i have an anxiety disorder. And I'm literally tired of it. Sometimes I am really motivated to do stuff (because i usually don't, i just isolate myself and stay at home where i feel safe, yet my symptoms don't leave me even here), but then my worries hit me up and occupy my brain. Or while I am doing something, my symptoms intensify. I just want to run away from them? It basically feels as if i am hanging on a cliff (symbolizing me getting anxious), and someone is holding me with one hand only (my self control) and I don't know when that 'someone' is gonna let me go and I'm going to fall (have a panic attack, etc.) I have lost my friends, i have lost my ambitions, i have lost my hopes and talents. I'm pretty much dead. I can barely walk to school, and there I cannot concentrate, I have hard time moving from class to another.( I also stopped going on P.E class forever now, i'm glad my teacher understood that I am unable to) So that makes me unable to attend classes, or talk to people. It's just my anxiety and my symptoms all day every day non-stop for a year now. I tried everything possible. I tried therapy once, didn't help.I have tried pills and i'm still drinking them, no help. I tried going outside and not thinking about the symptoms (which naturally was really hard) It still didn't help. I'm getting sad thinking about how I lost all my precious friends who just a year ago I spent every day with having so much fun for hours daily, how happy I was to wake up, how I couldn't wait school to end so i can just go out with them. Or do stuff. Now the first thing when waking up is of course the symptoms and anxiety. The last thing before sleep (which i can even barely do) is anxiety. My whole day is anxiety. Not only it physically disabled me from going out like a normal human being, it screwed up my brain. It's blank. i was literally the best student, now I get C's and D's. I can't learn new stuff, it's as if i have reached my limit. I don't know anymore. Thanks for reading, and answering, I do really appreciate it. I hope you understand.

Also my symptoms which i thought would be a good idea to mention are: constant tiredness no matter how much i slept, dizziness, no energy, losing strength in arms and legs, really fast eye flashes, visual snow numbness in neck sometimes, tingling, headache sometimes and feeling pressure, and my newest symptoms are constant nausea (i can't even sleep because of it) and loss of appetite, and feeling unable to eat some foods.

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right we are going to fight this togther I suffer just as you do but it's time to stop you are so young so many good times ahead of you

I want you to write all ur problems down as I will to then we will box them and chuck them in a river on a day we decide so if the feelings come back they can't cause there in a river

we have to fight for our lives so let's start togther

you with me ?



I've had health anxiety and general anxiety for 3 years now I totally relate to what you are saying. Anxiety is a constant battle. One second you think you have beaten it and then next it has grabbed you back in. Hang in there try a different consiler or try to talk to your family more about what you are feeling. If they don't want to listen go to an adult or consiler at school. They will help you from there. Try higher doses of medication only when prescient by your docotor. Also what helps me is to learn for about the certain type of anxiety disorder I'm struggling with so I can better understand how to cope with it. We're all in this together. I'm constantly having headaches and low energy due to my chronic anxiety I can understand where your coming from.

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Ha it is hard for an A grade student to find a counselor or therapist you can't run rings round! I was disillusioned with therapy because the ones I met were less clever than me and I could always guess what they would say. Then finally I found someone who could talk to me at the right level, I know that sounds v snobbish but I can't accept advice from someone I can outwit. Anyway this person has really helped me.

Please seek out support, believe me I know it is hard, but so worth it.

The nausea is horrible, that is my latest symptom. I am sipping water right now, the only thing I can manage. Breadsticks next, build up gradually...

Hope your feel better soon.


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