Don't know what's wrong. I feel like I'm going to collapse and die. I get palpitations, shortness of breath, pinches in the chest area. I also get pins and needles sensations in my head and I get muscles twitches. Mostly in my face, cheek and next to my eye. I have been to hospital and doctors. I have had blood tests, urine and stool samples. I've had ecg which was slightly abnormal. Mri scan of heart, echocardiogram, chest X-Rays but all came back negative. Got a holter monitor for 24hrs. Slight palpitations but apparently nothing of major concern. But, why do I keep feeling that there is something wrong with me? Is it in my head? Every twitch or slight pain has me panicking and feeling like I'm going to drop dead. I'm at my wits end and don't know what to do


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  • Hello first of all breathe in through your nose out of your mouth for 5 seconds each breathe about 8've had all the test and 99% of them are negative the ECG could just be something minor like my husband has where he's prone to fainting.... This is all just anxiety what you're experiencing the feeling like your about to drop dead,i get it all the time its horrendous I know but its anxiety just trying to take over and the more you're fearful the more it takes over I'm sorry to hear your going through this but take comfort that its not life threatening... Its anxiety..have you been to your drs to discuss treatment for your anxiety? If not that's the first step x

  • Your having panic attacks !! Horrible but there not dangerous you should get a good book on it "dare " is really good got it last week on amazon really helps with them and learns you how to control them :-) good luck :-)

  • Try Rhodiola in capsules or extract

  • Thanks guys. It's really horrible. Just hope it is a phase and It'll pass. Someone suggested meditation.

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