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Advice Please x

I av completely come off my citalopran medication due to irregular ecg a previously mentioned.

Last week or so I was so well, so calm and dare I say happy, my doctor and I decided I would try not taking the replacement Sertraline.

That was until yesterday. Tears they are flowing. Feeling so low.

Do i stay off the new med and see it out OR start taking the sertraline? Any thoughts.

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Only you know how bad it gets without meds, but if you can do it great. Just know the signs.

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Had to declare being beaten and started the new meds . Feeling worse than I have for a long time. Thanks for your reply. It means a lot.


Hi again, I know what you mean I am the same. Just watch for stomach issues, I developed major issues and big weight gain with sertriline and it took me a long time to work out what it was, great med for depression though. I have now gone on a low dose of Efexor instead and I am a lot better. Wishing you well.


O heck. See my doctor on Wednesday. I'll check it out. why does everything cause weight gain - why can't something for once may us lose it 8

Instead. That's a depressing side effect. I was perfectly OK on citalopran till the ecg issue. Now feel I'm back to square one - if not worse. My husband is fed up of my moods . Feel very lonely.


You could give it a try but just be aware if stomach starts playing up.


How bad is your anxiety x


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