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In last week I keep thinking i cant breath and right lung feels dry .i have been docs an said lungs sound ok i sit thinking about my breathing which makes me bring it on.also keep thinking i can taste blood so keep caughing looking for blood but none. Ive ad chest xray 6 months ago full blood test 2.3 months ago a untrasound abt 6'7 months ago all came bk clear .this is driving me crazy i ache all over constant worry and thinking iv got this an that .dont want to do owt just sit around . This is mad

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I feel ya, I've had the same, all the X Rays and blood tests as I couldn't breath. Have you heard about. Hyporventilation?


You have to do breathing exercises EVERY SINGLE DAY! The reason as to why I know this is cause my anxiety attacks my breathing pattern. I breathe to fast from me nose and then I start to hyperventilate which OF COURSE brings on the attacks.

I do 40 minutes of deep belly breathing per day. This calms your nervous system down. I also do 5 minutes of slow breathing EVERY HOUR. I count my breaths as well. The normal breath rate is 12 breaths per minute so I go by that. I have been doing this for a week and I see improvement.

You need to be persistent and do it every day. It takes approx. 3-6 weeks to break the bad breathing pattern but you must stick to this no matter what. There can be set backs and this is completely NORMAL!


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