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Today was a Lil different

So today I didn't have anxiety attack almost all day then all the sudden I started getting a weird taste in mouth and a pain in my cheast around my heart. Is it the anixtys or am I showing signs of a heart attack I don't know what to think I had an EKG and it came back good and I just time my blood pressure right now and its 132/80 and my heart rate is 66 beats per minute am I just freaking myself out need to know like now pls

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I always tell my doctor that I think I'm going to have a heart attack, and he looked me straight in the eye and confidently told me that I will truly know when I'm having a heart attack because the pain or experience would be greater than anything I've ever felt before. He told me it wouldn't feel like a panic attack, and I'd definitely know it was something more serious.

That being said though it's always horrible having the thoughts that the worst is going to happen to you. If you've had the tests and docs have given you the all clear I'd try to rest your mind in the knowledge that they wasn't concerned.

Your blood pressure and heart rate seem to be in the normal average range, so those numbers aren't screaming "danger". It sounds like your heart is quite alright, but obviously if you're concerned I'd had over to your GP and raise your thoughts there. Hopefully they'll be able to offer more tests or reassure you that it's not a heart attack.


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