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Vivid dreams

Lately I've been experiencing extremely vivid dreams. And scary dreams.

I don't have nightmares. Ever. In the spans of my seventeen years of life, I've accumulated two or three nightmares, only two of which that scared me. And I was under ten.

Anyway, last night I was panicking over feeling bloated, but I was able to relax and it went away. So then I go to bed and I'm having like, this blood-intolerance. I mean I cannot stand the sight of blood. And in this dream, I was in a hospital and this guy was like spurting blood everywhere. I've never had gory dreams, ever. But I kept getting drenched, wanting to leave, but people around me kept forcing me to stay. It felt like this dream went on forever. Anyway, in my dream I went home and I started to feel physically bad. Like achy, etc. And this actually scared me in my dream to the point it woke me up and I realized I actually felt that way.

So now it's about nine am, I've had little sleep, and had spent the hours awake somewhat panicking. Now I've read anxiety can cause flu-like symptoms, and that some people experience panic attacks that are episodic of this.

So here's my question: is it possible that that dream induced an anxiety attack and this is how it manifested? I just returned from a trip that was stressful along with the panic I had prior to bed. Along with experiencing the most gory dream I've ever had. Well, my only gory dream. My dreams are usually weird and abstract, but never scary or dark.

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When I was having bad dreams I attacked the problem and purchased a couple of books ,dreams and their interpretation, generally their meanings are quite interesting and I suppose it helps to get something out of them that is positive. Sometimes you may have an explanation that can be a bit Gothic and possibly may upset. With me it explained a lot of who I was at that time.



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