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Morning all.

Going to see nurse today. Don`t feel well at moment. As though this anxiety is getting on top of me altogether. Always having bad day at work, not sleeping. In my office at 6.15 each morning if not earlier. waking up sweating every day. Can`t seem to put things out of my mind. Am, even thinking about work sat in chair at night when trying to relax. anyone know how I can put work out of my mind just for a while.

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hi trevor sounds like your work is getting on top of you i see your going to see the nurse i hope she helps you if not ask to see your doctor ! anxiety can be debilitating so getting help earlier can improve your chances of getting better soon ! i wish you all the best david

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Thanks for that David.

Don`t know why or how I can change things. Just see what nurse says this afternoon.


Ask you GP about relaxation techniques. Also ask about breathing techniques.

Do not know if you are working those long hours is part of your Anxiety.


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Thanks for your reply Bob. I`m sure these hours are not doing me any good as well as other things at work.


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