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Here we go again

After thinking I was managing my anxiety for a while now it has flared up again . I had the first physical symptoms it was rearing it's ugly head about a week ago - head pressure etc and the. Wham in middle of conversation with tired overworked hubby it blew - heart flutters , stomach cramps etc .

I keep pretending it's not still there but my physical and mental capacity is taking over again.

So much going on had test for coeliac and bloods positive waiting on biopsies and when they did gastroscope they found helibactor pylori and duodenal ulcers - panic number one as two grandparents died of stomach cancer. Secondly I have brca 2 gene mutation and am awaiting an elcective oopherectomy and my mum has stage four cancer ( ovarian) couple that with the death of an acquaintance and my sister in law losing her baby and my brain is at the end of its tether .

I am uptight , highly strung and angry at everything . I have no capacity to mange time and be useful at home I am just circling at moment .

Sorry just needed to offload , don't want it to get as bad as last time x

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Hi Carri477, It sounds like you are having a bit of a blip at the moment. I always find it's useful not to assume that all of your coping skills have all gone wrong. This patch of anxiety really may be just a bump in the road on your journey.

You are the expert in your own wellbeing, and I would suggest that you think about what worked for you the very last time you had to deal with this. Whatever strategies you used that were healthy, legal, and worked well for you can be brought back into your life again for a while.

I wont suggest that you remember that lots of people have ulcers and dont go on to get cancer, because you probably already know that, I would suggest contacting your GP or practice nurse to ask for support and information. They will know you best and will be able to tailor advice to you.

It sounds like you feel everything is coming at once and I find that taking one thing at a time helps me not to feel overwhelmed. If you feel tired or stressed, dont forget to take a break.

I hope that things feel better for you soon.


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