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horrible anxiety feeling while in dream?

hi there, this started last hoidays, im in high school so it sucks a lot that this is happening. whenever i fall asleep, in a dream, its a normal dream but i get this horrible anxious/feeling like theres no hope feeling that arises..i often wake up after a bit of it but it gets me so down that this has happened. it used to only happen about once a week, but its happened every day this week, badly last night, its very hard to describe the feeling, its like when you want to cry how theres a weight behind your eyes, mixed with anxiety which im not stranger to but know how to cope with (consciously). i am in high school so of course theres a lot of stress milling around me but i never thought it would cause this, and i wouldn't be able to pinpoint a particular thing. i asked a reguar gp about it a few weeks ago who said its just me worrying about worrying, but gave me no way to stop it other than meditating, which works untill im in the dream itself. when i wake up, i do spend most of the day worrying about stupid things that i know aren't true but there's that small part in my brain telling me it is or ill never know. i was just hoping there was someone else out there who's had this? how is it stopped, or what is it? its really making me scared.

thanks xx

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