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My mom finally sold the puppy we had after our doctor told us he thought the slimy/ trickling feeling in my throat was being caused by allergies, (considering I ready take medication for post nasal drip) after the dog left, about four days later I started to feel better and I was thrilled, but of course I just got my hopes up and that wasn't the case, because yet again I am feeling the slimy/ trickling feeling in my throat and it's awful, it makes me feel

Like I am choaking. If there is anybody going through anything similar, knows what I am talking about or had any advice please reply to me it would be very appreciated.

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I get choking feeling and burning in the throat ,I all so suffer with a lot of stomach acid ,ask to see a ent specialist ,,I to got a kitten last year and felt the same sadly had to give her a new home to ,hope you get it ssorted .xXxX


I also have the problem of stomach acid and it makes me feel nausea. Thanks so much for you in!put, it's just hard for me being in high school and going to school everyday feeling like in choaking .


im having that same feeling on and off for almost a year now.i try to ignore them,it will pass soon.but im drinking ginger brew or tea to ease the discomfort.hope you get well son.


I went to the doc yesterday and gave me omeprazole 10 mg ,for a month so to calm down ,I don't like ginger or tea ,all so if tried gavison as well , hope this helps to .


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