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Soda and anxiety

The past week or so I have been anxiety free and feeling great but lately I have been getting anxiety again. Last night I was woken up by it ( the waves of weird feeling, hard to breath, chest pains and dizziness) I took a xanax and soon fell asleep after what seemed like forvever of feeling like "I was going to die" I read an article saying caffeine can stimylate anxiety. The past few days I have been eating out and had fast food yesterday with sweet tea and drank a good amount of soda the past few days. Has anyone else experienced their side affects or anxiety coming full force from drinking caffeine and consuming bad foods? I'm almost certain this is why I'm feeling bad again.

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Yes!! I've cut out soda and chocolate.


The other day I needed coffee soo bad and I thought maybe by diluting it with milk might help so I gave in later at night I had a panic attack :( after so many days of not having one

Sadly we do have to cut down :(

After 3 months with no soda I don't find it appealing anymore I had a few sips of non caffiene soda and it burned my tummy, my body doesn't like it anymore.


Thank you! I'm glad that this isn't only happening to me (not saying I wish it upon anyone else haha) but I'm not a big soda of coffee drinker so it shouldn't be a problem. I just thought that since I was consuming so much lately that it was the cause for my recent anxiety. I also read that I should cut back on ciggarettes. I stopped for about a week and a half but the wothdrawl symptoms were insane so I started back up again :/ going full force. I am going to try and adjust my diet and limit my intake on all things bad because nothing is worth anxiety and panic attacks. Thank you for your response!!


I have noticed that if I drink coffee then the anxiety is 5 times worse at least, I first noticed this when I was late for work and did not have time for a coffee before I left. I got to work and was surprised by the amount of clarity in my mind for a change. I then went to make myself a coffee and after I had it my mind was back to the usual brain fog and worry.


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