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When I get anxiety and panic attacks I dont get much of an increase heart rate

Hi all just had another anxiety panic attack had a pretty good day minus the back pain and on and off chest pain that I have always had I seem to get anxiety panic attacks when im home alone with my two kids boy 4 girl 2 I have an odd back pain feels like a pinched nerve and of course makes me look up every symptom known on earth kids are great ...but hard to keep concentrated with them ... attack lasted about 10 min man they are awful it comes on I feel all sorts of symptoms and feel like im gonna drop dead but I push through it this anxiety drives me crazy .

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It's tough I know, but Dont Google your symptoms hun you are going to cause yourelf more anxiety.

Increased heartrate well not always be a part of an attack. I get the anxious feeling like my heart is going crazy then i check my pulse only for it to be in a normal rate.

When your mind is anxious it's hard to stay focussed its okay that well happen. As for your little ones I know it helps explaining it to them what is going on with you. I told my lil ones that sometimes I get strong emotions/sensations that scare me and that it makes me hyperventalate or cry, and that I just need a few minutes to compose myself. And that way they know it's not their fault you know? or just make sure they are in a safe room and go to the restroom splash some water on your forearms and face take a few deep breaths until it passes and try to focus on them to destract you from your attack :)


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