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So by now im sure everyone has read my posts.

I know I seem crazy but holidays have me anxious for answers

I was having tension pain my hubby and I went to eat and I just started freaking out and crying telling him we had to go. Felt like I was gonna pass out. So then went to dr..he said tension headaches in occipital region gave me blocks. Went to er that night they did ct it was negative. Went back to dr and then for a week I was fine. Then that following week scalp apin and neck pain got dr kept saying panick and anxiety attack.. I finally made neuro appt in the woodlands and it took forever to get in. Saw her and thats when she said occiptal nerve pain said if its my neck it will cause all types of damage. I saw ent for ears ringing said tmj..saw eye dr she dialated and said optic nerve was fine. This is all weird to me. If it is nerves I can attribute it to lifting to heavy. Just hate now not wanting to go out much because im scared I will pass out. Dr said no anyuresm but I have read horror stories on google.

I have mri on tuesday and it seems when I drink I feel a little better and then my jaw feels like its going numb or there is pressure.

Im scared..I want her to do the mri of brain just to make sure but now im scared she is going ro miss diagnose somwthing because she missed it on mri.

I read horror stories on google about anyuersms. However qhen mentioning anyuersms she was not bothered.

I feel like maybe my anxiety is exaberrated by not having tests. Unless I have a test I wont know. Scared. Crying everyday

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Stop reading the Google stories. Anxiety can cause us to over concentrate and focus on all symptoms. When my doctor found the right medication for me all of those physical symptoms went away. I know how terrifying all this can be. Try to be happy that the tests have turned out in favor of you being healthy. Try to not pick up the ball of fear and run with it. Find a doctor who really knows how to treat panic and anxiety disorders and insist on their help... your physical symptoms will let up the calmer you get. Wishing you the very best.


I have severe tension in my neck and shoulders. I'm aware of tension in jaw/face and across my nose! It's like the feeling you get just before a sneeze. I think it's muscles tensing. This all leads to dizziness and balance problems. I'm really lucky because I don't get headaches but the bones of my skull get very tender to touch, like it's bruised. Massage helps but really needs to be regular which isn't always practical or affordable. I try to massage my own scalp, too. I also try to consciously 'let go' of tension around these areas. Try to accept that your headaches are tension related and that alone will bring about release. I'm hoping to get more exercise and taking up activities I used to enjoy before my head was full of anxiety. I'm sure it's the way forward. Best wishes.

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Praying for you. Complete your medical appointments. Trust God that the results are accurate. See a therapist. You are not alone and it wouldn't surprise me if it were a panic/anxiety attack. A good therapist will help you get to the root of this seemingly emotional issue. Praying that soon you will learn how to cope with these feelings. Sorry you have to go through this but it can get better.


Now im exleriencing a fast pulse when up and was reading aboht pulmonary embolism.super scared..ia thia truly anxiety


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