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Health anxiety make anyone grumpy ??

Hello guys I don't know if anyone is like this but I feel that stressed out about my Heath all the time something being wrong . It jumps from one part of me to the next with one little feeling and I think

It's the worst thing. It's getting that bad I am so snappy and grumpy. I just want to be normal it's taking over my every movement now it's not funny anymore. I think it time to

Get my doc to refer me. I have never had depression but I am thinking it could start leading to that with how this feeling is taking over me. Thanks for reading

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There are many types of antidepressant, some of which are designed to target phobic thoughts. You could speak to your GP about this, or ask for a referral for CBT ; either can be very effective in helping to change your perceptions about your health and life in general.

For me, after years of fretting/panicking, it was a particular antidepressant which finally gave me peace of mind but your GP might have a clearer idea of what is most appropriate for you.

Good luck in finding your way through jogurn & I hope you find it soon.


Hi Jogurn

Yes it will drive you crazy if you dont seek support. Health anxiety is a little devil, every little ache and pain, every strange sensation in the body, every accidental cut, every cough, every headache becomes the end of our worlds......... Never to be again, why was I the one cursed with having these dangerous symptoms in my body, this is my time and I am surely going to die...... Only to find that your headache went after 2 paracetomol and only came on in the first place because you were stressing about one thing or another. The doom and gloom that is the mind of the health anxiety sufferer knows no bounds he/she learns to see the worst in every feeling or sensation and 99.999999% of the time it is all in the head (yes but what about the 0000.1% it could be me).

When it gets like this there is no fun in life and this will inevitably lead to depression. If you are always thinking you are the 00000.1% then you need the support of the pro's.

Go and see your GP and get the help you deserve otherwise you will go nuts. I am a health anxiety sufferer, in the past I have been known to frequent the A&E's up to three times in the same day on a weekly basis insisting they released me without checking me properly....... Yes I can laugh about it in a strange way but it is one debilitating disorder.

I have since had therapy and I havent been to the A&E in a long time, I still worry but it is in a more normal perspective now. It is not controling my life as much. Still lurks in the background like a naughty devil wanting to come out and play but I have learnt to say you are not having fun at my expense. So there is therapy out there that helps make sure you go and get it :)

let us know how you get on!

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Thsnks you so so much guys it means a lot and yes Dimitri everything you said is me thanks you xx


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