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vacation anxiety

i have to go away on vacation in two weeks im going away for a family holiday to gran caneria purto rico for 12 days an im soo anxious il get anxiety an feel shit over there :( i wish i could block all my toughts out i feel like what if i go over an im not enjoying my self ? what is i freak out an go crazy ? what is i go an st in the apartment all day worried an crying :( my doctor said she could give me a weeks supply of xenax an im already on lexapro 15mg im just so scared analysis everything whats going to happen will i feel ill please god i will be able to go the panic is awful in my body :( i really really am scared did anyone else go trough this or am i looseing my mind id love to be excited like my bf an everyone else but i have thses toughts that im going to be ill an there killing me i have my mam with me over there i dont no why im so scared i feel sick to my stomach thinking about it :( please any tips or any adive will help please god il grab this by the tail :( please just Fu*** ff :( please anyone please help me

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I do this allllllllll the time - I panic about getting panicked. The weird thing is - if I just "go" and do something then I don't get scared. It's the "What ifs" that get you every time. I always tell people how I am feeling - ask them to help. Most people want to help and, in fact, it makes them feel good to know that you have chosen them. I always find that if I have a "plan of attack" then I cope better. Tell them you're worried about it - just know people are on your side helps.

1) Find out about breathing excercise that tell you to "count". Your brain can only function properly when doing one thing. Breath in through you nose and "Count" to 10 - blow out through your mouth and "Count" to 10. If you do this twenty times - by the end of it your attack should go away.

2) Keep your (extra) medication with you - just knowing it's there if you REALLY need it - but - keep putting off taking it for 5 minutes - then another 5 - then another 5 - if you MUST take it do. But most of the time - because you know its there you can usually end up talking yourself out of taking it at all.

3) Make a list of what you're scared of. Can you think of something that would make you feel better about doing it. I am terrified of flying - so - I sit and watch the stewards - and "decide" that I will only panic if they look scared - up to now - they never have! I actually find this works in a lot of situations.... watch someone who does it all the time - a coach driver, a doctor, a nurse - if they don't look worried about what's happening in their environment - then I don't feel it.

It's all about re-conditioning your brain. Before you used to get these attacks - your brain was programmed not to panic in certain situations - going on a plane - crossing the road - driving your car. You felt safe, then something happens that re-conditions it - now you need to find ways to get it back the way it was.

Its not always easy I know - because I spent years NOT doing things in case I got scared - then I thought - who's in charge here - me or these stupid attacks - and decide to try to overcome it - it doesn't always work - but a lot of the times it does - and when it does - the feeling of achievement if brilliant.

Think about the holiday in terms of "If I don't go I might miss a brilliant holiday" not the other way round.


From the minute I wake up till I go to bed I have all nagative toughts about the holiday I can't look forward to it I'm absolutely so scared my biggest goal would be for me to go an say to myself look you have done an there was nuin to be so scared of I no 99% of te time I plan on doing something an have toughts about it never happens it's the way my mind works full speed over time wondering if I take two zanex the 2 days before will I calm abit another is 12 days I keep thinkin omg it's going to drag in :( please someone give me strength !!!


Just want to say that I've just got back from a 2 week holiday today & before I went I was terrified & I mean terrified ! But I really enjoyed it :) I'm not gonna lie, I had a severe panic attack one night when I woke up to find I was sunburned (health anxiety really kicked in) but I'm so glad I went & u will be too :) u can do it, if I did anyone can. Have a lovely time & relax :) x

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Hi there

I m scared to go on holiday too.And even for my honey moon I decided not to go.

I can relate to your symptoms of being anxious before hand but you done soooooo well and I m glad you could enjoy your holiday.You made it,such a great achievement!


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