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Operation has failed!

I mentioned a while ago that I had a procedure involving injections of collagen into the anal canal to treat passive incontinence. I was so hopeful that it would work, but now I`m bitterly disappointed because I`m no better than before. I`m worried that I`ll end up needing nappies, or have to have a colostomy to cure the problem. Has anyone else been in this situation?, & did you find a solution?

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I am really sorry to read your op has not been as successful as you were hoping for

I don't know anything about this kind of op but wanted to send you my best wishes & let you know I had read your post





I get the same thing - nightmare - I call them my "Pooh moments" the slightest thing can set them off - even a telephone call I am dreading and off I trot - if you excuse the pun.

I do a lot of travelling in my job and have had occasions where I get half way there - and have to head back home because I can't think of a toilet anywhere on the route. Now, when I am going somewhere - I take a anti diarrhea tablet and I'm usually ok. The doctor said that as long as I only take them on an "as required" basis and not daily, I should be ok. If you take them everyday it can make the matter worse. I daren't go out for a meal anymore and can't go out drinking as I have to take the car everywhere I go. I plan my route around toilets !!! I also take a clean pair of pants and trousers out with me - (the fatter I get - the bigger the handbag I have to buy) I can't remember the last time I dared to wear a skirt even. I'm sure it's all in my mind - mostly - as - if I do the breathing exercise - I can sometimes stave it off !! On my CBT course, they said this was also related to the "fight or flight syndrome" as things do actually "sh*t" themselves when scared as the adrenalin gland is placed near bowel and the sudden injection of adrenalin in the bloodstream stimulates it.

I also find that if I use a sanitary towel and sort of "wedge" if (where it gives the most protection - shall I call it) also gives me a bit more confidence that I'm not going to lose control of the situation - so to speak.

Ain't life grand peeps ?


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