My biggest fears

Anyone else experience this? Or know how to handle it?

-fear of dying every single pain I think I'm dying

-being scared of where I am nearest hospital and if the ambulance can get me so dreading my next holiday incase they cant if somethin happens

- heart attacks strokes or fits

- being sick or embarrassment in public

-not waking up in sleep

Are these normal thoughts

Thankyou xx

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  • hi pinkcookie, I think you must have health anxiety, you sound quite young, so you wont be getting a stroke, or dying, it is your anxiety which is making you think like this, have had any counselling or CBT, does your doctor know of these irrational thoughts, ? love jasper xx

  • Hey jasper yeah I'm 16, I'm waiting to see a counsellor, I haven't told the doctor because my parents come in the room and I find it too awkward :/!xx

  • hi pink, has the doc actually referred you to a counsellor ? I really think mam & dad should know about this before it gets any worse, do you get on with mam & dad ? I think once you have told them about your irrational fears it will get easier. thinking of you, love jasper xx

  • Yeah he did will get an appointment soon, not really were not really close and don't talk like that i talk to my sister more, thankyou so much!xx

  • I've suffered with health anxiety for many many years and if only back when I was your age they offered the help they do now.

    Speak to the doctor and your parents and try and get rid of it now while you're young.

  • Thanks I'm seeing a counsellor soon and will see my gp again but my parents don't really get it xx

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