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Feel like I'm going backwards!!

Hi everyone what a time I'm having at the minute,finished cbt the other week,felt happy with my level of medication but something seemed to trigger me going backwards at the weekend,now I'm getting all nervous doing anything like the meds have become immune to me.really considering hypnotherapy as I've had enough of being scared to do anything away from my home x

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Hi Lynne x sorry to hear this. Can you not contact the cbt therapist and ask if u can have a few top ups ? Try to not think of it as going back over, it's a small pebble in your shoe that will go x and then u can walk on xx


Hi Lynne, I know how you feel, I feel the same at the moment.

Take care xx


Hi Lynne

This is just a thought but was wondering if subconsciously sometimes when we are having any kind of therapy it can become like a safety net because every week we know we have some where to go , now this has stopped it could even with out you realizing it caused a little fear which we then know turns into anxiety

I know you say something triggered you of but do you think if you had the thought you could see the counselor this week & discuss it you might have felt better

I would though take Donver's suggestion & give them a ring as they may be able to offer you a few extra appointments even if they were not weekly

Let us know how you get on :-)





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