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The Sun Only Shines on TV

Good day all,

I can honestly say that after years of struggling against the use of medication I am so thankful that I am taking some at the moment.

Why, they are helping me to remain calm and when I would normally be sliding down the self destruction route they are keeping me balanced.

They did have some draw backs, the actual side effects I suffered when I changed from escitalopram to serteraline got me into the situation I am in at present, but all in all apart from taking away my competitive nature they are keeping the demon of depression at bay.

Which for me and those I share my life with is a good thing.

How long this will last for I don't know but at the moment I am positive and trying to hold on to that feeling for as long as I can.


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Hi 14bed glad you are feeling well. Xxxxx


Thank you,

I've just seen your post.

I've been there many times in my life, and it does get better. How long for is another question but hopefully you will come out of the trough you are in soon, and ride the wave to take you away from the darkness that surrounds you at the moment.




Hello 1b4bed

I was so intrigued to read your post having been exactly the same way myself, fighting against the meds that are there to help us.

I had to give in eventually and now I say to myself if and when I need them, which I do now and again, I'm quite happy to take them instead of having those awful black feelings and crying all the time.

I'm pleased you are feeling well and long may it continue.

All the best. X


Thanks Kimmie,

I hope that this post does give help to others who suffer.

In one respect I am pleased that as i say the demons have been kept at bay, but I have had to make some sacrifices but I would rather be in the place I'm in now than the previous one where the slightest thing could set me off.




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