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Horrible weather in london!

Iv`e just returned home from the shops where Iv`e been stocking up my larder for the Christmas period, & it was scary! Iv`e almost been blown over a couple of times, the wind is so strong, & rain blowing in my face. I`m so relieved to be back inside, listening to the gale blowing outside. Iv`e always loved being indoors listening to a storm outside, & being warm & cosy indoors.

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Glad you have stocked up !

It is quite bad out there I can imagine what it must have been like for you & I agree I don't mind listening to the rain & wind as long as I am indoors :-)

Hope you can stay in now & don't have to venture out again in this awful weather !

Take Care





Hi your braver than me I've not ventured out today it's been relentless gales and downpours of rain hope it's better tomorrow need to get few last minute things then no more shopping till the sales :D

Mimii xx


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