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Trazodone medication experiences

Hi My lovely friends

Thanks for all the lovely people out here who helped me get through several crisis points. Just for an update, I'm finally been seen regularly by the MH OT and psychiatrist.I've been signed off work for about 6 weeks,may be extended. As some of you know, I suffered some really bad side effects on citalopram,sertraline,mirtazapine ,dosulepin and finally psychiatrist has put me on Trazodone. I've been on a graduated increase for the past 3 weeks and currently on 200mg at night also to help with my insomnia.psych did warn me that though it may address the insomnia,its not good as an antidepressant. It definitely helps me with the sleep. The only symptoms I get at times is an on and off sort of disoriented feeling (psychiatrist called it dissociation). My mood has its ups and downs.I would really like to know about people experiences with Trazodone and common side effects experienced. I know its still early days for me to see if its working but wiLling to persevere in the long run. It certainly hasn't caused any of the horrible side effects I experienced with the previous meds.

Thanks for reading and look forward to hearing.

Lots of love


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Hello Sammy :-)

I havnt a clue about how the meds affect you , I have never took them but still I wanted to say nice to see you on here & I am glad you have told them about your condition , I hope you feel better for speaking to them , well done :-)

Keep letting us no how you are :-)





I was prescribed Trazadone in February as i couldn;t sleep and was feeling anxoius, just lost my mum in Oct 2012. It made me worse, still couldn't sleep so my GP stopped it and prescribed Amitryptilline which was better for me. But people are different it may work well for u so keep taking it if its not causing any side efects. Good Luck




ive been on this tablet for nearly 3 years at 300 mg and it is too elp me sleep also as ive got depression & anxiety problems along with mild emphysema..

the cpn/doctor and the main psychiatrist said try this and 3 years on im not any place fast as im still ot sleeping well at all !

it also makes me sleep day time and not nights its driving me mad.


I have taken Trazodone for several years now for depression and to aid sleep and I'm very happy with the results. Since I noticed its full effects, I am sleeping throughout the night and my moods seem a lot more stable. Never had any bad side effects.

P.S. Here is the site I use to buy my drugs: ... they are always serious about the stuff like that.

Good luck !!


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