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Got letter about counselling

The letter finally arrived about getting counselling for my anxiety. I have to send a sheet back before waiting 12 weeks to see someone. I will send the letter back tomorrow and wait for help. Today I am down with a cold, not feeling too good. I am looking forward for tomorrow, I am back in work and it's Thriller! Love the music of Michael Jackson.

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This is very good news, I have a supportive Mental health practitioner who told me that she is referring and supporting my case for a one-to-one CBT counselling, Enjoy the musical



So pleased you have the letter , i am sure when you start your counselling it will really help

I bet you are looking forward to the Musical :-)

Hope you have your torch on you to make sure no one has their mobile on :-/





Great news . CBT helped me a lot. It did take me a while to get into it but when I finally did , the light went on and results. Good luck.Love Julie xx


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