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So I went to a GP who told me that my face is healing well although it takes more time than usual which I find weird. She also referred me to a counsellor. She gave me some antihistamines which thank god make me feel so drowsy so no problems with sleep! These days are being very difficult for me, I decided to go visit my mate in wales and I'm pretty sure she's tired of me already because all I'm capable of doing is stay in bed and cry. We talked last night and she said that she's getting well pissed off because of the whole brow story and that I'm obsessed and that I can't let my life pass me by. Then I called my sister and she told me the same exact thing. She said that I could lose all my friends if I keep doing what I'm doing. I don't know how to get back on track, I dunno how to help myself, I'm so hopeless that it physically hurts. I will never be able to leave my room, it's the only place I fell comfy. I absolutely cannot live like this anymore.

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Hey you are not hopeless :o

Now I no you have already seen I had an eyebrow experience when I was younger , was the worse you could do back then , they didnt have all what they do now & a good job as I could have seen myself doing exactly what you did , as I was that way inclined :-/

You didnt do it with intentions that it wouldnt look good & you have done what you can to make them look good again

It will take time & I no anxiety doesnt bless us with patience , but its going to be needed & you can keep coming on here & telling us & then your friends & sister can have a rest as I no others dont understand how this affects us

Keep your fringe down which I am sure you are & I no we are very senstive , but I bet others dont even notice

I would go back & see my GP , have you been offered counselling or even if you have had some before I think you could benefit from it & maybe if you tell them no matter how hard you are trying you dont seem to be able to pull yourself up , they might look at other meds if you were willing to try them

When I was younger I thought looks were everything & I used to attract some right planks let me tell you

Then I let my personality come through & you no what I started attracting really nice people who wanted to be with me for me , not how I looked

And let me tell you as you get older its a good job they do want to be with me for my personality as with age nature & gravity starts to take its course :-/

Keep talking on here & think about seeing your GP again





Oh wow Whywhy, you have to be a counsellor :) don't know how you do this but you always make me feel a lot better. I know that it's not only about looks I know that it's not what attracts right people you are absolutely right, but it's hard to suddenly change the way you think. This dark phase of my life lasts for too long, it's time to get over it but it's almost impossible to do it on my own because I've got the same exact thoughts over and over. So it's something inside me that won't let me be in harmony with myself. Thank you so much for commenting on it, I really appreciate it. You are very helpful :) xxxxx


I do understand , the secret is , to learn to love yourself

Its a tough one , but when you can look through that mirror & no matter what looks back , you can say you no what , you are ok & I love you , then the way you start thinking about yourself will change

Start with liking you if love sounds to much & tell yourself everyday , even when you dont believe it & eventually you will :-)

I no you are just as beautiful on the inside as the outside & slowly I hope you will to :-)

You will get there :-)



Hi, just cudnt read your post and go. People who are your real friends won't run out in you. Image is important and I totally the min I have a cold sore and I'm really embarrassed as they look dirty but what can I do. I used to go out be confident wear anything but now I just think I don't like my hair, my face is pale and I'm so thin all my clothes look awful I haven't even bought any winter clothes this year yet and that's no me.i also need the take advice and start to be happy with me not what others think. I'm sure you are beautiful and a good interesting person so let know put you down. Hope you feel better soon (hope we all do) xxx


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