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God bless my doctor!

I had to see my doctor today for a heart/blood pressure test before I go see someone for my jaw at the hospital next Tuesday. He asked about my anxiety and was brilliant, he listened and said I can get you help for this. He also said I am understanding my anxiety isn't a bad illness (like a stroke or MS) and I should get help to overcome these feelings. I am seeing a person who can help me overcome my fear and help me deal with my anxiety better. It will take 4 weeks for this to happen but I am so happy with this outcome now

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Oh thats really good news & what a wonderful doctor you seem to have there , I bet this alone has helped so much :)

4 weeks is not that long to wait & will soon fly :)

Look forward to hearing how you go on :)





That is good news!! What a lovely doctor you've got:)

Hope things go ok xxx


whywhy7 and yummimummy - Doctor Adams is just wonderful. He listens and really wants to help me out. I know 4 weeks isn't too long but I am glad I am getting some help now. The female doctor I saw didn't seem to listen or offer help but I'm glad Doctor Adams is helping me out now. I've got a wedding to go to today! My cousin is getting married. I can't wait :)


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