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Coming of Citalopram

Hi everyone, well it has been a while so I am sorry about that.

However I am now being reduced of citalopram, and day one went ok. I did have a brief self induced wobble when I got so worried about getting anxious I was getting anxious, thank goodness for the mindfulness CBT so I could see what I was doing and managed to stop myself. When I went to bed I did have trouble getting off but again I was wired about starting training with a new job and had a small cat pouncing on me wanting to play (I did resort to a sleeping tablet in the end but I refuse to beat my self up about it).

Any way early days, I hope all is well with the rest of you.

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Well done :)

You seem to be managing very well & as you wanted to come of your meds , it cant have been easy , but for anyone else that is coming of them or thinking about asking their GP about it your post shows it can be done

Good luck :)

Hope you have a lovely day :)





Thanks Whywhy it's only been 2 days but I am feeling positive, hope you've been having a lovely day to


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