Stupid wasp - attack of the silly brain

I was in the newsagents when a wasp buzzed loudly past my ear and, even though there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to think it, I have thought several times since then that the wasp flew into my ear...I hate being able to think at all sometimes - argh :(


p.s I cannot help but laugh at myself sometimes - ridiculous to the extreme


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4 Replies

  • Hi LadySaabra

    I am sorry but this did make me smile :)

    I am sure if the wasp had flown into your ear you would have felt the sting. I hate wasps and if it had been me would have been running out the newsagents lol.

    Hope you can relax a little i am sure it flew past but caught your ear.

    Take care


    Love Seyi xxx

  • Hi Sam I am just the same , & have the same thoughts & reaction as you have had

    I am sure though as I think you already no , it wont be in there or you would no about it :)

    Hope you feel better now :)




  • I have similar silly thoughts like crossing the road a bus may go past after I'm across and I think 'blimey, if I'd tripped at the kerb he might have run me over'!

    I didn't trip and the bus was actually way off down the road.

    It's the madness of anxiety once again popping up!

  • This reminds me of some of the wierd thoughts that I have at times, like when I almost poke myself in the eye putting my reading glasses on, I start to worry that i`ll blind myself one day. Falling downstairs is another fear of mine, because I apear to be clumsier than most people I know.

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