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Basically nt had good life since 10 yrs old and it got worse over the years even at 20yrs old they werent a pressure like now,now at 31 I am at the point where every second is just thinking thinking thinking multiple times over then I start with the panic attacks then goes the stomach cramps then feel sick or am sick because by this point gt a tension headache which these are horrendous and have pass out & ended up in hospital with these I feel like I am not going have a long life with all these feelings,I would love to not to be anxious & ocd for a moment x

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It sounds rough. I'm sorry to hear you're struggling and suffering so much. Have you any therapy put in place or are you going through any? Apparently CBT gives you the tools to really break into and destroy these thought patterns.

You could be suffering from a bad case of depression which is either caused by/or resulting in anxiety. But anti depressants would also help break this cycle either way.

I know it doesn't seem like it now, but you can still recover and you can still have a good life.

Keep blogging, because, the more you tell us. The more we can suggest, and the more we can help you.

Just a quite not, some changes will be taken place tomorrow so the site will be down between 9am and 1pm - minor, but hopefully uncomplicated changes will follow. :) So don't be alarmed if you experience any difficulties.

Take care and kindest regards,

Fay :) xxxx


HI. I've just been reading your post and just wanted express my support, I'm the same age as you, and I've had severe panic attacks and agoraphobia +monophobia from about the same age. Its very rough. I always resisted meds because I didn't want to mess with things, as it were. However, in recent years I've tried and am now on anti-depressants (the anxiety levels have meant that gradually the lack of a 'normal' life have led to depression) and beta blockers which I do find somewhat helpful. Its better than nothing. I had some CBT which I didn't think was that helpful at the time, but I understand that the brain does, over time, seem to respond to deliberate changes in thought patterns, etc. So I'm not ruling it out.

I think one thing that anyone with anxiety issues has to accept is that people are different and some of us are more anxious than others (I guess back in the days of the hunter-gatherers we would have been the best survivors-fight or flight and all that! Its just not so useful now!!)

Stay positive and take it day by day.

Progressive relaxation and meditation is also pretty helpful for the tension headaches (I get them most days myself). ;-)


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