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I do suffer from worry but it never has been a problem.. Over the last month I have had something very different worrying, horrible thoughts and can't be bothered attitude which is very unlike me, also don't want to be alone.

I was against meds but feel I need something to give me a leg out this black hole, I feel i will never be my happy normal self again!

I have been on 20mg citalopram but for only 2 days- i feel very sick, and tired no motivation at all but I feel the sad emotions has gone (pop up now and then) does anyone have any experiences they can share? I just want to get out of this horrible hole.

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Hi jo

I no what you mean about resisting meds , I am the same

2 days on citalopram , is not long enough for them to really be working , it can take a few weeks , so maybe what you are feeling is anxiety , as your mind is telling you , that you are now taking something you have been resisting , to take for so long

See how you go , if you really feel they are giving you side effects , see your GP , but give them a chance if you can

You will get out this hole , it takes time , don't rush , that will make you feel under pressure & make your anxiety worse

Keep talking how you feel on here as well , it will help while you are going through this





Please keep going, I didn't feel better after 2 days but I am starting to after 2 weeks x


What you're experiencing sounds like classic depression to me. The vast majority of people suffering from depression and/or anxiety hate and resist the idea of medication but it can and usually helps. Some people can stay on medication for years (like me), for others it can be a massive help in the short term, giving them the peace and clarity of thought to 'climb out of the dark', address their problems and move on. Please just take care of yourself and work through the first couple of weeks before the medication takes effect. Give yourself time to relax and adjust, don't plan anything, just go with the flow. You might feel different and 'strange' initially but these feelings are perfectly normal. Just give it time. Best of luck.


I was on diazepan last yr, only to be taken wen I needed one. I was having up to two anxiety attacks a day, most days. I Wud be fine wen I had Ive but I still felt like I had a black cloud hanging over me all the while. I knew I needed sumthing to help me abit so I Cud start picking myself back up. The doctor then gave me floxine to take daily. These took about a month to start working. I did read the leaflet inside which I think after that I had the side effects cuz of reading about them. I stuck with them and I'm glad I did. Stick with them as some times we need that little bit of help. My anxiety is still with me but most the time I'm happy to say I me without that black cloud with me. At the moment my main concern is beating my medication anxiety they o have developed along the way xxx


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