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Do others get irritated by this?

I`m really looking forward to some decent weather, & I love the summer, the only thing that spoils it for me is the incessant sound of footballs being bounced all the time. I can`t help but think that kids should find something more interesting to do besides bouncing a ball on the ground or against a wall all day long. I know kids need to get fresh air & exercise to stay healthy, but why can`t they go to places designated for ball games? Does this sort of noise grate on other people`s nerves, or am I just being grumpy?

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Most weekends I stay indoors as I get fed-up with all the inconsiderate loud music and general yelling.

Not only do we get all the whooping kids/teenagers but all-night outside parties/music and BBQs keeping us awake.

A sure-fire anxiety starter for me is loud music on a Saturday night from a neighbour as I know it'll be at least the small hours before they shut up.


Oh dear me and I thought I was the only one!

I get and feel exactly the same as you two do.

BUT it really is the sound of the footballs bounce bounce bounce from early am to late pm that really makes me shudder.Even on the hottest days I have to live with the windows shut just to keep the noise out!



I agree wholeheartedly about the noise of football. I am on alert when some lads go past my house, kicking the ball, but fortunately they do go to the park.

I hate noise of any description, my previous home, had noisy kids next door to me, and inconsiderate people. Don't get me wrong I had noisy kids, but they were fully supervised.

I am with you all on this.

I do hope you all have a pleasant weekend, the weather is forecast for sunny, I will have to practise my meditation skills, and take myself to the tranquil sea.



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