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Kooth counselling for young people under 25

I just wanted to let you know about this site I use, I've used it for around 6 months now. It's basically an online counselling service, you enter the waiting room, then you get to chat with a counselor 1:1, it's set up almost identical to MSN or Facebook chat. You can also use message boards, forums, play games, and set up your own blog page. Kooth counselors are real-life trained mental health professionals, and have details of their qualifications on their own 'About me' boxes, so you can choose which you think would suit you. Kooth also liaises with mental health services, if you are already seeing a counselor in real-life, then they may ask permission from your counselor to work with you.

It's is available for young people aged 11-25, depending on your location, you may not be eligible, some locations only cater for 11-18/19 year olds. I have attached a copy of what location caters for what age group, so you can take a look before investigating the website. I seriously recommend this site, it's brilliant, especially if you are worried about face to face counselling.

Location - Age group:

Knowsley 11-25

St Helens 11-25

Warrington 11-25

Warwickshire 11-18

Wigan 11-25

Wirral 11-25

Blaenau-gwent 11-25

Powys 11-25

Blackburn with Darwen 11-25

Cardiff 11-18

Oldham 11-25

East Cheshire 11-19

West Cheshire and Chester 11-19

Manchester 11-25

Dudley 11-25

Lincolnshire 11-25

The Consortium 11-25

Cornwall 11-25

Kirklees 11-25

Walsall 11-25


Let me know if you sign up! I am a member, and obviously called MuffinChops95 :P

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Thanks for sharing. :) I'll have a nosey. Although I'm not 100% sure whether I would sign up because I feel some young people would need counselling more than me..I wouldn't know where to start! I'll have a look though, now don't you stop blogging on here though missy! xxxx

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I've been a member on that site for 6 months, my CAMHS worker told me about it lol! How could I ever abandon my flip flop and crew for Kooth? :O I've just come out of a counselling session with them actually, brought up a few things I hadn't thought before, hmmmmmmm lol. There are loads of members, everybody gets a turn, you can talk about anything from bullying to Schizophrenia... It's great!



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