Monday morning hell

Sat on the settee wondering what to do now. On my own, waiting for the dr to ring as dont think my combination of tablets are working. I also feel run down. I managed to spend some time outside this weekend which is a bonus. I hate feeling like this, I have never felt that I'm too scared to go out, this scares me that this going to be me from now on.


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  • Cheer up winter tis will not be you forever, its good you have rang the doc for advice. Try to relax and maybe later you will be able to go for a short work, remember its the anxiety that makes us think we cant do things, and anxiety lies.




  • sorry winter above should say short walk.




  • Hi Winter09, i am reasonable new here and trying to talk to as many people as possible. im sorry to hear about how you r feeling today. sounds like you are having a bad day? the fact you managed to get out over the weekend when the weather was nice is very positive. try not to sit inside staring at 4 walls, it really isnt the best thing to do.

    Bonnie is right, its your anxiety / possible medication that is making you feel unsettled. please dont be so hard on yourself and try to get out of the house and take a walk. If you need to collect your prescription from the doctor thats a good excuse to get out and go and collect your meds, etc.

    I started to become scared of leaving the house and became very anxious just thinking about leaving the front door. It would take me about 2 hours just to be able to leave for work. it was getting worse and worse. my dad out of everyone noticed many changes in me and i finally broke down and told him about my anxiety and depression. i wasnt on medication and my dad recently found a guy called carl cheppard who offers coaching to rebalance anxiety. i have had 2 sessions and am talking to him about my anxiety and depression. i think its brilliant and carl sheppard knows exactly what i am going through. its actually refreshing and nice to talk to someone who understands me. coaching may help you. if your meds are making you still feel uneasy, then maybe you should try talking to someone who has experienced what you are going through.

    please stay strong and let us allknow how you get on.

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