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Why do I feel strong enough to deal with irrational, scary thoughts, on some occasions, and then totally ill-equipped on others?

Can other underlying health problems - infections, viruses, etc - affect our capability to do so?

Over the past few days I've found myself unhealthily dwelling on 'fears' I would normally just dismiss. I don't know if my physical ailments - aches, pains, loss of appetite, kidney pain, lack of sleep - are fuelling the irrationality, or are symptoms of it!

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I would say definately, when we are tired, rundown we do have trouble seeing the wood for the trees.

For me its important to put all the stuff thats causing anxiety to one side, and allow ourselves to recharge.

Then we are in a position to deal with each problem one at a time, and in a calmer way, and when its done let go of it, and move on to the next thing. One job at a time :-)




Thank you for your reply.

I try to put negativity to one side, and do the practical essential things that each day requires. And usually I'm reasonably successful.

But currently I have the feeling that I'm teetering, and I desperately want to go back, to even just a week ago, and be the person I was then.

Back then I was happier, and focused, but now I feel weak, vague, and edgy.

I think lack of sleep is a contributory factor, and I may have some manner of infection, I don't know!


I think how you feel is normal, I certainly get it.

The thing about this world is its in constant change, no two days are ever the same, it would be so boring if it was.

When we think about the past or future, it exhausts our brains and body.

So for me I stay in the moment as much as possible, the past has gone, and we cant change it, the future has not yet occoured, only this present moment are we truely free to enjoy life, and experience it as it is. Not an easy ask, but its worth a go.

Illness for me can bring on all of the old feelings, we take them in our stride, let them wash over us and move on.

I do wish you well, hope you feel better soon




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