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I am grateful for people like you who bring me out of my view of a sinister world and remind me of love and light and beauty and hope joy peace happiness. And funny shit! Right now I am really struggling but writing and reading you who I love so much is helpful.

Anyone have any uplifting news? Or something to be thankful for?

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I’m thankful for what you wrote there. I am struggling myself. How’s your day going?

Hey there! Thank you! You are so sweet. My day is me trudging along. How is your day going?

Pretty good.

I'm grateful for your uplifting post! Tomorrow's Friday!!

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Starrlight in reply to Norw

Happy almost Friday 😆

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Starrlight in reply to Norw

Happy Friday!

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Norw in reply to Starrlight

Happy Friday!!!

I just took a walk in the woods

I'm grateful for you my friend

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Norw in reply to Dolphin14

Wow! That is gorgeous!!

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Poodie in reply to Dolphin14

Lovely area.

The title of your photograph says it. Thank you.

You made me smile so big. The pic is absolutely stunning.

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Dolphin14 in reply to Starrlight

I love when you smile :) you are a shining ⭐️


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Starrlight in reply to Dolphin14


I am thankful that I am going to an Elton John concert tomorrow night. My family got it as a birthday present for me, so I am very grateful to them. Thank you Starrlight for reminding us to be grateful

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Starrlight in reply to Roxylox

That’s so rad. Have a great time!

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Dolphin14 in reply to Roxylox

Nice! Enjoy


Thank you for posting. I will be thinking of you as I am also trudging along right now. Depression just seems to descend on us sometimes. Putting one foot in front of the other is sometimes all we can .

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Starrlight in reply to Poodie

Thank you … def we can trudge right next to each other. We are not alone

I am grateful for the ability to talk over my problems and hopefully, hopefully make some sense of them , and progress. At least we are trying…..

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Starrlight in reply to Nad1971

You can always talk about the problems on here. Get help sorting them out you know? If you feel comfortable…

I am very grateful for this community.

The people that I have met here, and the future people that I hope to meet here.

You guys/gals have helped me out a lot for being here. :)

I am so happy you are here AnxiousSilver! You are a beautiful soul

I appreciate that, but "you guys/gals" are the real reason why this site is helpful to me. :)

And you are one of the very special reasons why this place is helpful to so many! Love you! ❤️

You are all such supportive and caring people! I just loved reading these posts. Thank you for being so uplifting!

I had a little vacation with family and although being with family, especially those I don’t always get to see is very nice and memorable it can get hectic. My favorite part of the trip was the quiet moments. Seeing my little granddaughter examining carefully rocks and shells she has never seen on beaches where she lives and doing what I love best: bringing my low beach chair to the shallow edge of the water and having the small, constant waves gently splash over my legs head on. So relaxing and hypnotic, I could stay there for hours! 😊🌊☀️❤️

Our little beach close by the motel
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Starrlight in reply to Hope4me1

Thanks for sharing I love that you noticed your granddaughter examining shells and rocks. What a beautiful moment to cherish forever. That sounds nice having the water splash over your legs- now I neeeeeed to go to the beach ha!

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Dolphin14 in reply to Hope4me1

That sounds wonderful. When I was young we used to take those chairs out into the waves and let the waves push us over. That was so fun.

My granddaughter is 11. She still makes me fill my pockets with rocks and shells every time we go.

I'm glad you had such a wonderful time. Thank you for the great picture and sharing your family vacation. Great memories for all of you


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Hope4me1 in reply to Dolphin14

It all makes for great memories to write down in our gratitude journals and read again and again! ❤️

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Dolphin14 in reply to Hope4me1

Yes :)

⭐️ Grateful posts are great ways for us to learn a bit about each other and share our gratitude.

Our little public journal


Thank you for the photograph.

It looks like the lake I visited when I was a little girl.

Glad it brought some good memories 😊🌊

It is a rare pleasure for me lately so I cherish each moment I’m there!!😊

I am grateful for people like you, Starrlight. 💗

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Starrlight in reply to snowdayze

((((((((((((((Snowdayze))))))))))))) you are so sweet. I love it! I’m having a little breakdown I just can’t cope right now without suffering so I read something by the Dali Llama but it didn’t take away the suffering. I find myself being angry about the pain I’m in. No matter what I try there’s some unsettled business that I guess I need to get more prepared for I have to fight but I just have nothing left.

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snowdayze in reply to Starrlight

Your anger is completely understandable, Starrlight. 💗 Why is it that we can feel pretty good and see some progress, even if it is only one step at a time, and then end up taking two steps back?

Perhaps no fighting for a day or so, as it requires too much emotional energy, may be a good idea. ❤️

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Starrlight in reply to snowdayze

Those words are perfection. I needed to hear that - no fighting for a day or so- I will just ‘be’ and not be hard on myself.

Thank you so much for sharing the anger you feel about the pain. I feel freakish experiencing anger when I'm overwhelmed by pain. You've made me feel less alone.

And you make me feel less alone too. I love you.

There is nothing wrong with feeling anger and pain. Please be compassionate toward yourself ❤️

There is nothing wrong with feeling anger and pain.

There is nothing wrong with feeling anger and pain.

There is nothing wrong with feeling anger and pain.

It sure doesn't feel that way. I apologize like a wind-up toy: "I'm sorry; I'm sorry". That mantra I know, with certainty and terror.

What you've shared is confusing, disorienting -- and probably normal for functional folks. Trauma seems to have me on autopilot. If you don't mind a mixed metaphor, I'm a broken Easy-Bake Oven that only vibrates when my button is pushed.

(((((((((((Hugging my peace I’m feeling into you right now)))))))))

I love that you've found your peace.

I like your gratitude-focused posts, it reminds me to count my blessings, not my faults!

I was just watering my plants, I saw a number of tomatillo husks forming, blooming flowers, bean pods forming, cucumbers starting to do their thing and some volunteer flowers I had planted last year that came to visit again this year 😍🍓

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Starrlight in reply to EndUser13

How fun! Good job!

Funny s**t? You wanna hear some funny s**t?

I see "sinister" and Oh boy can I do sinister!

"’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves"



How 'bout a freakin' "Nevermore"!

Huh. Okay.

You want funny, I can do dead baby jokes till you throw me outta the room.

Or uplifting. Oh my, birds can be flipped, turned tail up... up, up!

I am freaking thankful the barometer is supposed to stop torturing me and killing my sleep soon. My friends on HU can't wait for me to tone down the screaming lunacy.

Does that mean a full moon is cursing me now too?

Your friends here on HU only want you to feel better and get some much needed sleep. We understand, NBP. ❤️

You touch me with your kindness. I don't usually express gratitude thusly, really I don't...

I'm desperate to feel some sense of control when every cell in my body is shrieking. I can calm a few seconds, but it keeps going away.

I am grateful you posted today, and I found your post, and came to my senses enough to thank you for being here.

Thank you for being here too. I’m glad to be here for you, my friend.

Yes going through a particularly bad time at present, then finding three of my "Medical team" had gone out of their way especially for me, got me a very badly needed MRI scan, well I'm on the list, but very sincerly appreciated to at least get me on the first rung!

I hope your MRI happens soon and gets you some helpful information. Your medical team came through. Yay!

Haven’t been on this site for a while but it has been a joy reading your posts - thank you Starrlight for uplifting me x

Thank YOU beautiful

You just uplifted me back :)

My friend… I’m so concerned … read our last pms I’ll go back there to talk further but I’ll just say here in case anyone has any ideas to help an abused woman I just strongly feel you need to be without that asshole. I imagine harder than one thinks. He does some things you need, could you get another other than him to help you? He is nothing for not being disrespectful of you and the terrible physical and emotional abuse.

Reading this post was a spark of light this morning thanks...I am so grateful, daily, I get to hand feed my squirrels at my back sliding glass door...we trained each other incrementally...

At my sliding glass door at back of home
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Starrlight in reply to Dback

Awww love this!!!!

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Dback in reply to Starrlight


Today I’m grateful I got to talk with my in law she’s an amazing lady!

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