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Why does anxiety take over

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I wake up sometimes screaming for help in my head. I hate anxiety. Everything feels negative. Can't be around friends as much because of covid and I don't do well isolating. Rarely hear from friends unless I txt them. The world is a mess, I'm a mess. No one understands anxiety unless they have had it. Meds help but it doesn't just go away. I wish I knew why I have this. I hate it!!!

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I feel you! I hate it too. I’m trying everything possible to get rid of it. Books, CBT, deep breathing, forums like this. I’m not on any meds at the moment and am trying to deal without them. It’s not easy. Covid has made it so much worse as well as winter in Canada can be brutal. You’re not alone.

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You are right is is a struggle with the long cold days of winter, and the dreaded COVID, but we need to remember there is nothing we can do about that, instead I think of how there is a vaccine now that is underway, the sun is setting later in the day, February is a short month and when you think about it spring is much more closer than it was yesterday.

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It helps to think positive. It's a choice. Yes and thank u👍

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What a great attitude! Thank you.

It is hard because of Xovid, we can't even spend time with friends and loved ones but there is nothing we can do about it. One thing I love about you is that you know only those who have depression understands it. You are also dealing with it by taking meds. You also know that it forces its negetive thoughts in us which means you are fighting from a right place. You are well informed about it. I believe it is something we have to manage on a daily basis. We are here for you so that we can fight together.

I know exactly how you feel, not many of at all text me either, the COVID thing is a curve ball, but you need to remember that it will pass, talking to people on here really helps, kind, understanding people on here are going through much of the same things you are, I have been lifted out of anxiety and depression by many people on here and I am forever great full for that, we understand each other, and want to help others, I started out with a bad day today but I reached out here and was able to get a grip on it, meditation music, reading and writing down those crazy thoughts on paper helps to just get it out of your head, feel free to reach out to me or anyone in this group for help, it does get better, keep your chin up.

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I can't help but agree with you Matt, especially about having people here we can just reach to when depression kicks in. This forum really does help. Do you know that even when I am bored inside thus small house I just go to HU and just search if there are people around. Sometimes I even reach out and just start a chat with them just to know them better and I feel better to know I have people to talk with at the tip of my finger and at that moment I forget we are in usolation..... U are absolutely right.

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I do the same thing when I’m just sitting listening to meditation music, and feeling calm i will read some posts, and reach out to someone who needs a hand in getting through the day it makes me feel good to help because i know if were me having not such a good day i would want the same, it really is comforting to know that there are so many good people out here.

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Thank you

You def have trauma. I also scream during my sleep. We have to learn coping skills from trained clinicians

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