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Sometimes things are just the way they are.

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I know I need help, I do not know how to handle my emotions aside hurting myself. I do not have enough money to cover a therapist. I feel worthless most of the time. I do not know how to over come the years of domestic violence that my dad put me through. I am not close to my parents, I guess due to the grudges. I now have a family of my own but with COVID isolation the memories have become more vivid. I just wanted someone to known that I am not okay. I do not know if I will ever be okay. I wish I could handle my emotions another way. I wish my life would have been different, a loving family atleast.

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We hear you loud and clear, you aren't alone. If I may, I suggest the band "Citizen Soldier" Their songs may help. Hugs.

I hear you loud and clear. That has to be so tough living in a domestic violence situation. And from my viewpoint, I've already been through tons of therapy and I am tired of seeing therapists!!!! I just want some good friends who are there for me, not someone I'm paying to talk to. I'm not trying to knock therapy, it can be very helpful, sometimes if you keep searching you can find a therapist that has a sliding scale where if you're low income, you don't pay too much. If you're interested you could try calling some charitable organizations like the Salvation Army or the United Way number and see if you can find something like that. Stick around this site, there are some very nice people on here and while we don't have or know all the answers, we care and I care about you!!! Do something nice for yourself today.🌹

Don't forget to take care of yourself as well. :3

As I see it, what's important above all else, is that your new family is 'ok.'

I think that view ought to influence your perspective (perhaps into doing things towards self-improvement, that you'd not otherwise do for just yourself).

~wbiC, member anxiety-depression-support forum

It more than okay to not be okay, especially here.

A lot of us have been through traumatic childhoods, have parent relationship problems, or relationships with parents have been completely severed.

Hold on tightly to the family you have now, this is your present and future. Time will put distance between the trauma and your pain you suffered, it won’t get rid of it, but more distance less the pain. Take care of your self.

Thank you all for all your kind words💕

Check out some self help books on Amazon . Those helped me a fair bit when I wasn’t in therapy. You’ll be ok

Honey! You're not alone. We all are here with you. You're not alone in this at all. You can talk to any of us. You can speak your heart. I know our families love us but they would never understand what we are going through. You don't need a therapist. You want some love and care. Most importantly you need to love yourself. Healing is a delayed process it just can't happen all of the sudden. Be patient with your situation, this will not last forever. I also sometimes get trap in the same situation and I know how toxic it can be. But trust me this phase is temporary. The other day I would feel the happiest person on the earth. You don't have to look around for people and therapists. What I do is, I go through some amazing blogs every night which helps me with my anxiety. They have such amazing healing content that helps me to escape my midnight thoughts. Sharing it because I feel like you need it right now. Bookmark it and go through these blogs for unpaid anti-depressant virtual treatment.

God Bless! Xx

Oh you beautiful person. My initial bout with depression started with my childhood abuse. There were the beatings, those were rough. There was the blood. That was pretty brutal. There was the hammer and fire.....

Though I still struggle with this some 35 years later, let me tell you something, you didn't deserve it. You deserved a loving and caring home. You deserved hugs and kisses. The right to be embarrassed by an over show of affection. The right to be treated like a proper child. Something you could have brought with you to your adulthood.

I am sorry to hear you did not get these opportunities. It is hard. It hurts. But it wasn't you. Though you carry it with you, grow from this. Put a spark in you kids eyes or you loved one or your friends or whomever you have in your life. Then sit back and see yourself in that reflection.

You are beautiful and you deserved better.

I am so sorry you are facing this. There are so many great resources out there that have no cost. If you’d like some information please just message me I can send some. There’s a great book out right now by Lisa Terkeurst called “Forgiving What You Can’t Forget” It might be helpful for you to check out. Also there may be support groups at a local church that would love to welcome you in. You are in my thoughts! Hugs to you!

Friend, you are not alone. I do pray for you, and hope you may be open to attending a local church, where people may give you resources, even if it's just online. I want to share a little about my background. I grew up in a family that tried church for while, then gave it up. I returned to church as an adult on my own, and this was the best decision of my life. Before accepting Christ, I had a lot of anger issues, and selfish ambition. Then after truly reading the Bible, I realized I no longer need to beat myself up about my sins. Christ died for me. This gives my life purpose, and now I can breathe joy in every breath, even through hard times. I pray that you will get to a point of complete forgiveness of your parents. This may lift you out of the darkness of focusing on your past. We forgive, because God forgave us. Romans 8:1-2Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death.

Try reading about will be set free!

Knowing we need help is the first step to getting better! You are on the right track. We are here for you. Praying for you today!

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