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New here


Hi all,

I’m new on here and have anxiety as well as depression. I feel alone a lot and looking to connect with folks to break out my isolation.

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Welcome to the group. You won't feel alone here. Lots of supportive people.

Ashh3 in reply to Dolphin14

Thank you !

Dolphin14 in reply to Ashh3

You are welcome :)

Welcome. Message me anytime if you feel the need.

Ashh3 in reply to Noquarter

Thank you !

you are welcome we all share the same problems surely you will discover amazing tricks here to help calm your anxiety feel free

Ashh3 in reply to Chajj

Lately I’ve been really emotional trying to fight back from crying. Do you suggest something that might help ?

Chajj in reply to Ashh3

i was also haunted by constant will of crying i was crying now and then without a clear reason why although i felt like i was overwhelmed by multiple life unsolvable problems which was stored in my body since there was no one to help solve or share and understand me the helpless feeling induced crying here and there. what i deed was go far into the wilds and cry with my loudest voice with my mind focused on sending out whatever it was i was in my mid twenties since then im not crying for no reason any more although i still cry easily for reason such as watching some romantic movies or child abuse movies i hope it can work for you too

Hello,I hear you. Anxiety and depression can be very isolating. It’s difficult for people close to you to understand what you’re going through. I find it better to share with others who know the struggle.

Hope you find the support you need here.

Ashh3 in reply to AnxM

Thank you AnxM. Yesterday I just found myself crying like out of nowhere when my mom or dad asked me what’s wrong. I didn’t know and still don’t know how to express what I feel. I also don’t want to worry them either because my mom has her own issues with anxiety and don’t want to worry her. I just hate the holiday season and wish we can skip past it. Work is super overwhelming and feel like I’m just at a loss. My dad has to get surgery soon and just wish I could rewind time and they not be old. I know I have to be grateful that they are still here with me instead of thinking so negative but it’s hard.

AnxM in reply to Ashh3

I get it. And yes, holidays are awful for me too. Hugs to you.Maybe find a meditation guide that helps you? Even 3 breaths can calm n soothe.

Try Headspace app or videos on YouTube? My personal favorites are Thich Nhat Hanh meditations.

Ashh3 in reply to AnxM

Thanks so much for those suggestions ! Hugs to you too ! I’ll def check it out.

Thank you chajj ! I get really overwhelmed with work a lot being pulled in multiple directions. I also have my own moms mh concerns with her and my dad needing surgery. I often find myself feeling like I’m a bother to my two friends so don’t reach out. I just isolate and get quiet. I know feeling like we have no control is a big anxiety producer and also feelings of depression and thinking about all the possibilities of things that can go wrong. I also hate the holiday season as it’s not the same without my grandma. I think all of these just adds to how I feel.


Good place to come and connect with like people. Knowing you are not alone is something that can help you when you’re feeling isolated. And when you feel lonely just come on here :)


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