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tics with zoloft


hey has anyone else expierienced tics from this medicine?

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Have you experienced tics before? I would contact your provider about this just because I have never heard of tics being a common side effect of Zoloft. I also believe if it is a movement disorder there’s a chance it can get worse and although that may not be the case, it’s always good to double check to prevent some serious like dyskinesia.

I had not had them before starting my medicine, but they have changed since I've developed them, first it was small and unnoticeable head jerks and now it is a very aggressive hand movement as well as nose scrunching, my friend who is also on this medication is experiencing head jerks

Hmm interesting well it sounds like some type of extrapyramidal side effect..there’s medications they can give you to decrease the abnormal movements but I hope they switch the medications. How long have you been on Zoloft?

since June

Do you also have hand shakiness similar to like pill rolling? There’s videos of what pill rolling tremors look like.

my hands shake a lot but not like the pill rolling tremor

Hmm I see. like I was saying before, I’ve never heard of SSRI in particular being linked to this but definitely possible and interesting that your friend is experiencing similar side effects. Are you on any other medications? Antipsychotics?

im on trileptal

I doubt it’s EP symptom then. Sounds like it’s a common adverse reaction. My advice would just be safe and report it. & you probably already know this but make sure to not stop taking them abruptly because of the tremors

yeah, for me supressing them is more stressful then acting them out

Omg I bet it would be really difficult to do that. I know that there’s anti tremor meds that are used often. One is called benzotropine. You should ask your doctor about it

I had tremors on zoloft.

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