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2 months now of dark clouds

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I used to be energetic person, running and doing yoga. Had a panic attack 2 months ago and since then life is not the same. I'm single and have a supportive family and friends. Lost weight, gone is the face I used to have- now dark spots around my eyes, tired and sad yes due to lack of sleep. Lost interest in the things I used to have while still working in a stressful job. I know I can do the job, been doing it for a while, so I know I have the skills. Seeing a therapist now.

Wondering any positive experience dealing with depression and how you tackled it even without medication? I do meditation, sleep meditation, affirmations, journaling and acceptance. I treat everyday as a way to recovery but t's hard and challenging.

Also, today is my 45th bday and friends who knew my struggles now came and surprised me. Just want to be alone, thou :(

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I’m sorry for what you’re going through - it’s a lot. Work closely with your therapist and continue everything you’re doing. I wish you the best

thank you for your reply

Happy birthday!! And welcome. I have managed my depression, but I don’t think I would have without medication. Although, it’s not the only way in my opinion. Counseling is also very helpful. And the sounds like you’re already doing other things that can help. It can take time with or without meds.

I hope counseling and my desire to be well is enough to get me out of this rut. I have been prescribed, I just don't want to start it if I can help it.

I do understand and it’s whatever you choose.

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Just curious, do you still work at the job that was stressful? Also, was the panic attack at work?

Sounds like you are experiencing nervous exhaustion. Too much stress, over work or even disappointment can deplete your reserves of nervous energy. Push yourself too far and your nervous system decides it's had enough and bombards you with bad feelings and loss of interest. I suppose it's your nerve's way of making you slow down , it's forcing you to withdraw from what it is that has depleted your nervous energy.

Can you think of anything in your life that triggered this? The first thing is to deal with it even if it means putting yourself first for a change and being ruthless about it.

Eventually with less anxiety and plenty of rest you will feel your spirit rise.

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I got a lot of help from this Jeff too. Thank you

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We all have different toleration levels for stress and worry. But sooner or later everybody's nerves reach saturation level and our nervous system becomes extra sensitive.

In this state all our problems become exaggerated ten fold and we come to believe the worst case scenario is about to happen. Stomach pain (a common symptom of anxiety disorder) must be a tumour! A new boss means we're bound to be sacked! Muscular tension in the chest caused by anxiety has got to be heart failure!

Anything that frightens us means extra fear hormones will flood our nervous system helping to maintain their ultra sensitive state. So our nervous distress continues and we also become depressed because we know we must face another day of anxiety.

50 years ago a doctor called Claire Weekes set out a method for recovery from anxiety disorder based on Acceptance. Instead of allowing our symptoms to frighten us to death every five minutes we resolve to accept them fearlessly for the time being. Let them come, they can do us no harm because they are fake symptoms conjured up by our vivid imagination.

Weekes explained how the power of anxiety is limited. She explained how fighting symptoms only creates more stress and tension. We must replace fighting with Acceptance.

Her first book 'Self help for your nerves' explains how we can find respite and recovery by practicing a simple mantra: Face. Accept. Float. Let time pass.

Today that book continues to sell (on Ebay and Amazon) in vast numbers. She has been described as 'the woman who cracked the anxiety code'. I commend her book to you.

Happy birthday to you. That was your first panic attack?

Yes. Firat ever during summer break without doing anything related to work.

Go easy on yourself. Everyone handles things differently, has different limits and thoughts. So much chaos in the world don’t you think it’s all reasonable?

I've had depression and anxiety for most of my life, medication and therapy has helped tremendously. Sometimes you have to take something for a while and then your doctor may take you off of it, but that's what works for me. Hope you feel better, and take care! Best wishes

Hi! Sorry you feel this way! The same thing happened to me. I had a huge panic attack and felt scared of everything for 3 months. But I have to tell you I am on medication. It finally lifted and I feel better then ever. I’ve been running, eating healthy and I have NO anxiety! I’m probably jinxing myself 😩. I make a gratitude list every day. I let myself have bad days. I like to be alone. Lol. I’m 52 and married. I’ve suffered my whole life! Are you getting enough sleep? Vitamins? Don’t be hard on yourself! It will pass! Everything does! Push yourself to walk or run!!! It’s a bad time for everyone!!! I wish you well xo

Thnak you for the kind words.

Happy Birthday.

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