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Struggling to deal with trauma and anxiety

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Is anyone available to chat on how to process a traumatic event? I am really struggling and at an all time low and don't know what to do

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There's many types of traumatic events, and I don't want to try and push you for to much information with out distressing you,and sometimes its harder discussing things that are involving personal information on a public forum,its how you feel, and wether this is going to cause you long term problems,and if you feel you can't speak to a family member, or a close friend to confide in,maybe if its something more complicated or if its going to affect your mental health, a health professional is more than capable to perhaps settle your mind,I have been involved with trauma myself, and its not an easy subject to sort out, and with you being quite young, people can often feel guilty giving the wrong advice out, and sometimes it can take many months to sort out,so I know this isn't a perfect answer, nor will it solve the problem, but if its tearing your head apart, seek help from a mental health awareness team,and hopefully this can put your mind at ease, take care.

Thanks, I feel like I can't talk to my parents about it, even tho I went through the trauma with my mum, it is just too upsetting and then ends up with a panic attack. I will try and contact my doctor tomorrow and see what they suggest.

Do you know of any mental health teams that are 24 hours and online messaging? Not sure if i can talk on a phone yet

Have you heard of :


No I haven't, do you think they would help me?

Yes, I just had to Google it to check the number -

Text Shout to 85258

I haven't tried it myself but worth a try?

I think a trained volunteer texts you back.

Thank you I will try that

Good. Hope you get the help you need.

If not, I'm here for a while if needed. Either on here or via private message.


I'll always make myself available to listen when someone is hurting. Just have to message me.

I'm afraid not, I noticed Mary has put a quick post up,so hopefully this can point you in the right direction,definitely make an appointment with your doctor, hopefully they will have more local links within your area, sorry I couldn't have been more helpful, I wish you a calmer few days ahead.

You could try distracting yourself? Like try not to focus on it right now. focus on something else. What's your sign?

I just googled meditation for trauma on google & felt it was really helpful

Traumatic events can be a print left in the soul or memory for time. Leading to ptsd. Nightmares. I hope you were able to talk to someone. And find some comfort in talking with someone

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