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Am I truly alone? (New here)


I know I'm not yet I feel so isolated from other teens like me, I wish I could talk to others but it always seems so taboo...

Am I truly alone?

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hey queenblue

I guess it feels taboo because we have started to be able to talk about how we feel more freely without the pressure of being judged to harshly.

In most cases I guess that's why most people suffer they don't feel like they can talk.

I think being alone I also down to how you want to be with and around people.

And being able to open up. If you open up and people don't respond well you kind of feel whats the point and retreat back to yourself. Your safe place the detriment of your mind and thoughts.

If your feeling this way. Although your own thoughts can be the bad guy I feel you can always rely on yourself to get you.

So look after you as much as you can, work on you, understand you allow you to forgive you.

Be kind to you,

Take care

All the peace

No you can talk to whom ever you please. You just need to get to the point where you just don’t care what other people think. And remember there are other people you can relate too. I’ve been there. But it too shall pass

hi. what's up. I'm a teen as well and i completely understand what you are saying. i feel like i'm supposed to be the happy,loud outgoing friend which i was but no any more. i could never open up to my friends because i dont know if they would ever look at me the same. I feel also that they are 'happy go lucky people' and i would just bring down the mood. at least i now know that there are other teens who find it hard to confide in their friends. if you ever need to talk im here xx froggie



No, you are not alone. Please rest assured in that fact.

The teen years are hard with peer pressure and the like. Those years are awkward for everyone because that's when you are trying to figure out who you are and how you fit in. I am not a teen, but am close enough to it to renember how I felt as a teen (left out). If I may, here's a little secret that might help lighten your mood: do you think those teens that seem popular are truly happy? They aren't.

Hello QueenBlue and welcome to this ever growing group.

I believe that you are not truly alone though it does feel like it.


You're not alone. I'm in my late teens and I feel the same way. If you ever need to talk I am here.


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