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Hi I'm new here I have been perscribed Escitalopram 5mg tablets for the last 4 days which I take in the morning, after 2 weeks I up the dose to 10mg. My question is that I see Nausea is listed as a side effect which I have, I was just wondering if this goes away after a while or is it something I have to put up with.

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I was on escitalopram and I had the same problem. It depends on how your body reacts but most side effects for antidepressants is nausea.

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I have been on 2 other anti depressent tablets Amyltryplene & Mirtazapine and haven't experienced this before.

Thanks anyway

Hi Ray: Are you eating before you take the medication? Unless it indicates "take on an empty stomach" you should eat before you take it. Whenever I start a new medication I DO NOT look at the side effects because every single one of the side effects are listed. If anyone is fearful and they read them they make not take the meds.

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Thanks I'll give that a try as I have not eaten before taking it and it does start after the dose. I usually start the day with 2 rounds of toast after the dose and just lately I just have to force myself to eat them.


Hello! I have the same promblem with nausea especially the first week and the days that I increased my dose. Now, I am taking the medication for 5 weeks and sometimes during the day I feel a strange knot on my neck but I dont know if its real or just my imagination. Also, I sweat every night ... but generally my anxiety is decreased. So, I think that nausia depends on the individual's response to the medication because this medication acts in the stomach

Hi Ray, I've been on Escitalopram for quite a while now. Was started while I was

in the hospital. From the beginning it was given to me with my lunch. I still continue

to keep that schedule and have not had a problem. Wish you well :) xx

My doctor just prescribed escitalopram for me but I am scared to take because of the nausea side effect. Is this feeling there all the time since you started the medication.

I was prescribed 10 mg of it and was super nauseous for a week, VERY sick and even actually threw up several times. But after a week and half I started feeling much better and have had no problems since then. Your body probably just needs to adjust and I also always at least eat a snack before taking it so I'd try that!

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