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Living with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and IBS, is simply a case of trying to get through the day. It’s not living. It’s survival. I wake in the morning and I long for bedtime. I nap so I don’t have to deal with my ever-obsessive thoughts. I can look forward to nothing. 😞

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But you did get through the day 😍🤗😘❤️😀😉

weegmack in reply to Michdau1

I did, yes. And I’ve woken up in a horrible mood 😬😬

Hidden in reply to weegmack

Right there with you. I wasn’t always this way. Trauma led me here. I long for bed also but then I cannot sleep so the struggle continues. Are you on medication?

weegmack in reply to Hidden

I’m pretty much medication resistant and have the added complication of IBS, which makes me not tolerate meds well. I’m feeling so terrible today. Past trauma also. Feel completely lost. I’m so sorry you feel awful too 😞

Hidden in reply to weegmack

Does your past trauma affect your sleep?

weegmack in reply to Hidden

Sometimes - I have nightmares and wake a lot through the night. Other times I do actually sleep, but I wake up feeling as though I haven’t slept at all. I’ve had such a terrible day today. Just woke up at war with the world - really crabby and fighting back tears all day. Sick of life 😞

Many ppl with GAD have gut problems. There’s a nerve that goes from your brain straight to your stomach. It’s so irritating but you can do this.

Vagus nerve? I hate that nerve 😡. It’s a real pain because it gives you feelings of butterflies in your tummy, which feels like anxiety.

Your brain is stuck in a track. You said ‘obsessive’. May I suggest you get a white board and markers or just take white paper. At night write something (anything) that you will make different about tomorrow. Read that piece of paper first thing when you wake up. I once got stuck in a track. I started by changing what time I brushed my teeth. That’s simple. Each day was something intentionally different. You’ll be training your brain right off the course. Some days it doesn’t work so no judgement. Intentional change of anything leads to great big changes down the road. Best of luck to you.

Thank you. That’s really good, practical advice. I’ll need to force myself to do it, because I’m really stuck in a rut. But I’ll try ❤️

Been there, done that. It sucks.

Do you have a therapist and/or meds for your anxiety? A combination of therapy and meds works well for me.

weegmack in reply to Kat63

I’ve tried a few meds, but unfortunately they all made me really sick 🤢. I have rubbish guts and I don’t tolerate a lot of meds. I have diazepam 2mg for when I really can’t breathe, but I’m very careful with it. I’ve had talking therapies a few times, but I need to go back. But I’m in the most ridiculous waiting list for Community Mental Health (I’m in Scotland)....I’m 25 weeks into a 57 week waiting list. Absolutely ridiculous 😕

This is how I feel so often 🙁

NeuronerdDoaty in reply to sajax

Make a decision to change anything tomorrow. Write it down. Give yourself a big reward if you do but no judgment if you don’t change it and try again. Today I got all the way to rearranging my living room which wasn’t on my list but I’m moving!

sajax in reply to NeuronerdDoaty

I’ll try. I feel sick with nerves 24 hours a day. My job terrifies me and I can’t quit. I just feel stuck and miserable

weegmack in reply to sajax

I’m so sorry. What a horrible position to be in 😞. It’s such a slog 😞

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