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5-HTP for depression?

Does anyone know about taking 5-HTP for depression? I bought some then I read on the bottle that you shouldn't take it if you're taking anti-depressants. (I know, it was stupid of me to buy it without reading more about it.)

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I'd however hopefully you kept receipt and can return


That's right - talk to your doctor before taking anything that messes with your serotonin if you're on an SSRI or SNRI.


Don’t take it if you’re on antidepressants, you may get serotonin syndrome, it’s just too much for the brain and will have the opposite effect. But if you’re not on antidepressants, it can be a miracle. I took it all last November and December (you’re only supposed to take it for 8 weeks at a time) and it made me euphoric. It’s powerful stuff. An alternative to it for those on meds would be lots of vitamin B-6 and broccoli sprouts. Those two things are actually great for mood and brain health.


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