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More health anxiety worries (help?)


Im back to this... My head will get tense on the sides, back, or top of my head sometimes (stress/anxiety?) It scares me i could have a brain tumor or something... Then I get these burning feelings in my breasts and it scares me that i have breast cancer...please tell me I'm just overthinking

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Hello Lindsey. If you've been checked by a doctor recently, yes - you are just having anxiety. If you haven't been checked, get checked.... it helps for a while. I also let physical sensations get the best of me sometimes and it's taken a while (and a lot of support from doctors) to improve the health anxiety habit.

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I did see my doctor recently physical/check up

Hi Lindsey. Yes I do, horrible, makes me depress and cry.. like a burning, very cold syptom.. its just wont hurt you..

Thank you ❤


I also used to get this, the head thing about 10 years ago, my breasts last year like they were on fire, I'm still here... I wonder what the breast thing is though it's so weird

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Hello, I understand completely,

I have dizziness, off and on, neck pain, pain in the back of my head, top of my head, front of my head... ant many other symptoms..

So far all tests and such have come back clear...

It's hard to believe, but anxiety can cause all these issues, and many more.

I know it's scary..

Hang in there..

Thank you very much

I get the burning in my breast too let me tell you I get scared every time it happens

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Its scary :(

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