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Worried ( health anxiety)

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Hi guys , I’m a bit of a mess today . My right arm feels strange , baring in mind I have back problems at the top can it come from my back ?

My mind is going all places , I feel like my right leg is affected too but I’m sure that’s the anxiety ...

anyone help ?

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The back can do all of that! My left leg starts to go numb sometimes and I immediately freak out. Once I calm down I remember my Dr. told me that could happen with my spine problems. You should be good! Anything that lasts days into a week maybe check out though! Good luck!

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Charliie1994 in reply to PrimoB

Thankyou so much , my right arm feels numb ! And I know I have upper back problems ( and lower for that matter ) . I was just wondering if it was possible ... I’m sure that’s all it is .

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PrimoB in reply to Charliie1994

Absolutely! PS- Now my arm goes numb just from the anxiety😂 The mind is strong 💪🏼

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Charliie1994 in reply to PrimoB

I know it’s mad !!!!!!! Lol and I know as soon as I feel reassured I won’t think about it anymore and it will go away . But It’s still horrible ...

I know the feeling.

Spine /disk damage can cause arms or legs to go numb, and become weak. It can be serious if the area impaired is the cervical spine. Diabetes can cause neuropathy which can also cause numbness of an extremity. If it continues or worsens get medical help.

I have scoliosis ( not sure that’s how it’s spelt ) and a damaged disk . So , yeah your right

That can really hurt. I hope it eases up.

Any neck pain?

Not really just my upper back , the right side of my spine

Update- now have lots of neck pain

Maybe change your pillow for a memory foam one if you don’t already have one

Charlii, Does the neck or shoulder make a click, or a pop when you move it?

Sometimes yes

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