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I thought I was okay but anxiety creeps in again.

After a month of being okay here I am again suffering from health anxiety. I am recently experiencing chest pain and back pain. I stopped my medication last month thinking that I am okay. I have not talked to my doctor ever since. People would usually tell me that thinking negative thoughts and all diseases may cause my death and I'm always crying because why would they say that. Why are they so rude. they make me turn into a paranoid person.

TBH I developed my anxiety because of the people around me. especially the ones that would tell me that I'll get this disease if i keep on doing some things. thoughts are stuck in my mind. unable to get rid of them.

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I feel exactly the same like what you feel. I'd feel ok, sometimes for a month, sometimes longer and suddenly I would get chest pain one day and the vicious cycle comes back again. I am obsessed with ecg to be assured that my heart is fine. I had an ecg in september 2018. Then I had another one 2 days ago. That means 4 months of not having crazy thought that something is seriously wrong with the heart. My family and friends gets tired of my condition after 3 years. They think I have this problem for too long and I should stop it. They said my constant anxiety will be the reason I'll end up getting seriously sick.They said that out of concerns but that just made me feel alone and feel like they don't understand me. I also don't want to feel this way but it's really a struggle that's going to take time to recover.

tinkerbel19 in reply to Girlbali

I hope someday we'll get through this. It's really hard having health anxiety but we need to be strong and face it. I hope we'll do fine.

I am a major HA sufferer. My focus and fear is cancer. It's always in the back of my mind. I'm 48 now, and as I get older, it gets worse for me. I'm always worried something is growing in my body that is killing me, and it will be too late when it's found. I just started Sertraline about a month ago. Well since I started it, I have lost weight, probably 10 pounds or maybe a little more. I have OCD diagnosed too, and I weigh myself 20 times a day or more. The weight loss has me worried now thinking it's because of cancer, mainly because most people gain weight on antidepressants, not lose it. And I feel I've been eating normally, I haven't been exercising, and I can never lose weight when I try. So basically I feel like a tightly wound ball of intense anxiety right now. I hate it. Like you, it has gotten better in the past, but it's particularly bad right now.

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