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My Poem. ❣️❣️❣️❣️


•My dear, sweet lonely friend, you are not alone,

•For all of your sadness & Pain... we have all known.

•Yes we are all different, but yet we are all the same.

•we’ve all been in this life ‘really’ playing the same game.

• we are the ones that put ourselves last

• maybe that is why some of us never leave our past.

• but I do know one thing that is so very, very clear

• My Heart has opened up alot more, to the people & friends that I have met here

• Because on the days that we may have gloom and dark clouds above

• Our Friends ‘in Remission’ can shower us with love

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How lovely,I am having very bad start today anxiety through roof shaking crying afraid of being afraid your little poem really does express love for your fellow sufferers thank you xx

in reply to mydogs

Aww, it’s sooo true!! I hope your day gets better focus on the days that you felt like this but you got through them !! ••• We all understand & we all have been there or are .. are there.. this is the only place that I truly feel complete comfort since the three loved ones I had ...that truly understood, have passed away within the last couple of yrs. no one else understands or wants to....except this group and I consider all of you and my friends and family. Meditate circus deep breathe keep in touch

I really, really like this! So, will our other members! Thanks for your awesome effort!

Thanks I’m not into poetry but enjoyed that 🌤

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