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Anxiety and Bed time !


Does anyone have increased anxiety at bed time ? I feel like when night time approaches my anxiety gets worse !

I have a fear of falling asleep ! :(

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Yes I have much more anxiety at this time. My family goes to sleep and I am alone and often not ready to sleep. Try reading but anxiety goes up when I’m alone and feel literally alone and thus afraid of life.

foxglove_pnw in reply to Hidden

That is totally me ! :( Plus the weather is not helping at all ! It gets dark so early here I am .

Yes this is me and has been for the past month I feel my heart is racing and I can’t get myself to calm down usually don’t go to bed until 3 but I’m trying to not eat late because I think it has to do with my anxiety because before I wasn’t eating late I could slee no problem

I also can’t fall asleep until 2 or 3 am ! I wish I could turn off my mind ! It is exhausting isn’t it ?!

Yes it is super exhausting I just want sleep and to wake up feeling refreshed not duper tired and it’s worse cuz I have work and have to get my daughter to school :(


Oddly, I have weird anxiety occasionally due to darkness. Like a sudden fear of the sun not being up until I consider things rationally. Same with going into work (overnight...something about the evening, I swear), my anxiety just jumps through the roof until I sit and breathe in the parking lot and march in. I do think it has a lot to do with the conditioning our brain plays. We associate different times and tasks as anxious moments; the circuitry gets placed. I'm sure we can all the relate to the aspect of it only taking one single anxiety moment to place fear there. Have you tried a meditation or mindfulness session on your phone to help you towards slumber? I've used them to just bring me down from high strung times and I couldn't believe one had me falling asleep just hearing a calm voice. No matter what, I hope all is well and you're body/mind let you rest. Take care for now :)

foxglove_pnw in reply to Hidden

Yes ! I have try a few apps on my phone ! It has been helpful !

I am in between meds right now so not feeling too well ! I just started my old antidepressants yesterday ! It will take couple weeks to kick in .

Bedtime , darkness and the holidays ! 😩 Holidays are so hard ! Xmas and New Years are the worse time for my depression ! Like you said “ we associate different times and tasks as anxious moments “ ... I totally agree !

Wishing you all the best !

Take care 😉

mydogs in reply to foxglove_pnw

Hi my friend just read your post I am just the same darkness has always made me scared and anxious Christmas and New Year puts me in a state of anxiety and very fearful of everything making it miserable for any one around the moment I am finding it difficult to go outside I am so jittery and scared I am into day 6 of meds and no change any advice starting to feel sick and can’t eat only drinking water

At nighttime, my anxiety does flare up a lot because at this time I’m usually going over all of the things I did (and also failed to do) during the day to improve my condition and when I do this it often gets me in a pretty bad mood for the night.

foxglove_pnw in reply to scf19

I totally agree ! I heard someone one time saying you should do a mental clean up before bed ! Just like you take a shower to get clean your mind needs the same ! This way you can sleep and wake up rested !

I haven’t learned how to do that without feeling anxiety ! I am interested in learning !

scf19 in reply to foxglove_pnw

Yes, that concept makes total sense and I think the closest I ever came to having little to no anxiety nearing bedtime was when I tried being nice to myself, for once, about the things I wasn’t able to do throughout the day due to my rollercoaster anxiety.

Yessss!! Omg girl! I'm guessing your a woman cuz of the purple flower but that's also gender stereotypical so I don't know. Anyway can you tell I ramble and eventually I say something stupid or get judged somehow. I had all day to think about or mull over this on repeat so in the evening my anxiety is sky high!

foxglove_pnw in reply to aaronm

I am a woman ! 👩🏻

You bet I do. Night is the worst for anxiety! I can get to sleep but it only lasts till about 2 or three. Then the muscle tension, breathing problems and other symptoms take over. Sometimes I ride with it and other times it gets the best of me. Sometimes I try a cup of stress tea when all else fails as drs are loath to prescribe Ativan anymore which is a shame because I’ve never abused it and only took it when I absolutely all else failed and never on a regular basis. Go figure! Just my 2 cents worth.

Hang in there !


I’ve sometimes tried to keep my partner awake so I’m not alone, even though he’s next to me!

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