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Trapped need help

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I still live at home with my two younger siblings and my parents, and a huge fight just broke out. I was having a panic attack, my brother and I were fighting and then my dad got involved and things are just really bad. I don’t know what to do. I definitely can’t move out any time soon, but living at home is seriously detrimental to my health. I can’t keep doing this. And I don’t have any friends I can stay with. Any suggestions?? I need to get out of here before I make some unhealthy decisions.

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I'm sorry that it has been so hard for you, kbaum. I'm hoping that you at least have your own room so you can seek solitude when you need it.

Is there abuse happening? Can you speak with a guidance counselor through school?

Do you have family you could stay with? Grandparents, aunts, cousins? And, yes, do you have your own room?

No abuse, just a lot of yelling from everyone. And I don’t have my own room, and I don’t have any family or friends nearby that I can talk to or stay with. I know I need to find a new therapist but that’s gonna take a few weeks so that doesn’t help me now.

Well, if you can't remove yourself from the situation, try to understand it. Is there a main stressor in your household that may be causing or contributing to the fighting? Is there anything you can do to try and make things less tense? If fighting tends to barrel out of control, (though it isn't fun and is really difficult) you may need to pick your battles. If something is bearable, don't stir it. Hold out for as long as you can. Try to keep the peace and stay out of arguments. I hope the best for you, and this is just my advice and may not work. You can do this.

Become the Peacemaker.

Hi if you are trapped in an intolerable situation that you can't change then the only thing you can do is change your own behaviour. Not easy I know but it is the only thing in your control. Try and stay out of arguments and pick your battles as has been said. Others can argue but no one can make you if you don't choose to. x

Thanks everyone, that’s helpful advice. I try to be the peacemaker, this particular instance just happened to be right as I was already panicking about my own stuff. My family is pretty new to this mental health stuff and no one is very good at handling any of it.

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It's hard when your family doesn't quite understand what you are dealing with. I hope that they gain understanding and you get some peace. hugs!

I've been there and I know how hard things can be. If u feel as though it's that bad I'd find a temporary shelter of some sort and maybe just give whatever it is some space. Sometimes we have to remove ourselves from the madness to focus on ourselves. Look into getting some social care or a councilor. Find a mental health facility where you can go speak with someone that might be able to give u resources to better your situation. If all else fails find something u like to do that u can do away from your home and spend your time doing that away from the house until night when u ready to lay down. Try to stay out of the house as much as possible until u figure out your next move. Make a plan to do what u have to so u can get away from that toxic situation. It's never easy but do your best not to make any decisions that can futher hurt your life.

Be strong and do what's best for you.✌🏿

I'm sorry that you have these struggles. Can you go into the bathroom or can you go outside? I hope that you can find a sanctuary nearby.

Thanks everyone for your kind words and advice! Things have cooled down a bit here. But I’m thinking I definitely need to find a new therapist and maybe a psychiatrist too.

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Do whatever will help you! hugs!

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